HydraPatch® – 10 Patches


HydraPatch™ is specifically designed to deliver nutrients through your skin layers to assist your body in keeping optimal levels of hydration for performance. Water is an absolute necessity for hydration, and it has no substitute. The HydraPatch™ is designed to replenish electrolytes and essential nutrients to manage your body’s hydration. The HydraPatch™ uses a transdermal technology to deliver our formula directly to your bloodstream bypassing your digestive tract.



We use permeation enhancers to assist in delivery of these electrolytes through multiple skin layers. Permeation enhancers are commonly used in medication patches to allow diffusion of medications that the skin layers resist (e.g., they are hydrophobic). Our permeation enhancers employ the same technology to promote diffusion of nutrients in the patch and ensure consistent delivery.